Dear friends and partners of g7+, welcome tothe first edition of the g7+ Newsletter in 2021. Iwould like to extend my best wishes for theyear ahead and hope you and your loved onesare coping well with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
One year into the outbreak of COVID-19, life-saving vaccinations have been developed andbeing rolled out. However, many countriesaround the world are still struggling to containthe virus. The trend shows that countries thatare affected by conflict and fragility will be leftbehind in accessing COVID-19 Vaccines.

In the spirit of human solidarity, the g7+strongly supports WHO’s call to ensure a rapidand fair access to COVID-19 vaccines for allcountries through the establishment of COVAX.We urge developed countries to make theCOVID-19 vaccine a public good for allcountries, particularly for people who are livingin countries that are in conflict and/or fragile.Our continuous call for concerted efforts tocombat COVID-19 also highlights the need tosupport health institutions, economic recoveryand debt relief and care for displaced people.

As we aspire to build back more resiliently postCOVID-19, I am pleased to inform you that ourcollaboration with the Council on StateFragility in launching “a Call to Action onpowering up energy investments in FragileStates” was a success. Access to electricityremains one of the biggest challenges in manyg7+ countries. Having access to affordableenergy is essential to provide the economicopportunities needed to lift people out ofpoverty and escape fragility. As of today, morethan 15 Heads of State and organizations havesigned up to the Call to Action.

On behalf of the g7+ Group, I would like toexpress my sincere appreciation to theGovernment of Finland for providing financialsupport to the operationalization of the g7+work, in particular, promoting Fragile-to-FragileCooperation amid the pandemic. We lookforward to strengthening our cooperation withother donors and development partners. Doingthe right thing in the face of the globalpandemic should not be optional. It is a moralduty to save humanity.
I hope you will find our newsletter useful andinformative. Happy Reading!

Dr. Francis Mustapha Kai-Kai, Minister ofPlanning and Economic Development ofSierra Leone, and Chair of the g7+


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