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Afghanistan Officials visit to Timor-Leste to exchange knowledge of Freebalance Ver7 Implementation.

In the spirit of sharing Knowledge and Experience among g7+ member countries, four delegation from Minister of Finance Republic of Afghanistan visited Minister of Finance Timor-Leste from 09 August – 13 August 2016. The objective was to exchange knowledge and experience regarding Public Finance Management reform with a particular focus on the Integrated Financial Management Information System Unit (IFMISU).

Ministry of Finance of Timor-Leste uses FreeBalance v7 (IFMISU) to enable effective and agile management of public finances. It is an integrated system, meaning that one can start from allocating the budget using the performance budget module to committing the funds using the budget & appropriation module, procuring goods using the procurement module, managing the contracts with the management contract module, managing the assets with the asset accountability module and so forth. .

Not only learnt Timor-Leste experience, the delegation also shared their experience. Treasury Advisor, Vishal Gandhi said that Afghanistan has also implemented v7 Freebalance in Afghanistan however they would like know Timor-Leste experience in order to effectively contextualised it in Afghanistan. 

The delegation felt the study program has equipped them with a critical analysis in moving forward with information management systems, particularly on advanced Freebalance (V7).

The delegation also took the time to visit the g7+ Secretariat where they were briefed by g7+ Deputy General Secretary, Habib Mayar on g7+ works and the value added for Afghanistan being member of g7+ through Fragile-to-Fragile cooperation. 

The delegation also paid a visit to Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation to learn on how each line ministry work closely in promoting Timor-Leste resources at the global level.

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