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Preliminary Report of the Parlimentary Election in Timor-Leste

Preliminary Report of the Parlimentary Election in Timor-Leste

Dili, 24 May 2023 – The g7+ Election Observation Mission (EOM) comprised of 15 observers: Four internationals namely Larry Fangawa, Western Region Coordinator, Election Commission of Sierra Leone, Ibrahim Amara kamara, Deputy Director for North Region, Political Parties Regulator of Sierra Leone, Fernando Borja Araujo Monteiro, National Election Commission of Guinea Bissau and 11 nationals observers, were divided into 5 (five) teams, deployed across three municipalities namely Dili, Liquisa and Manatuto who visited 83 polling centers, corresponding to 5.7% of the total number of 1472 polling centers.

The observers noted that The STAE officials demonstrated confident and impartiality in conducting the election. We applauded the STAE officials for a well-administered polling. The layout at the polling stations observed, met international best practice in which all materials, polling staff, party agents and observers were present. We noted that the polling centers opened and closed on time as per the law. We also observed that in some stations, polling official took oath of service, which we consider a good practice to remind them of the commitment, dedication, and transparency whilst on duty – a great example that could be replicated in other g7+ member countries.


The g7+ EOM observed that the voting process was calm, orderly, and transparent. We commended that the counting process had the presence of party agents, national and international observer, voters, and media. We observed a sufficient security in all polling centers.The g7+ also collaborated with the CPLP on observing the parliamentary Election in Timor-Leste.


We congratulate the people and government of Timor-Leste for successfully conducting Parliamentary Election in a free, fair, transparent, and peaceful manner. The g7+ EOM will submit a preliminary report to CNE.


The g7+ EOM is part of our peer learning and Fragile-to-Fragile cooperation. The program aims at contributing to democratic consolidation, strengthening peace and development. The g7+ will continue observing election in other member countries. This year, we plan to observe election in Guinea-Bissau, Sierra Leone, Liberia, DRC and Togo.


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Media and Communication Officer
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