Press Release

President of Timor-Leste, H.E. Jose Ramos-Horta visits the g7+ Headquarters in Dili

The g7+ is honored to receive H.E. Dr. Jose Ramos Horta, President of Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste, who is also Special Envoy of g7+ at the g7+ Headquarters in Dili, Timor-Leste on Monday, 20 June 2022.
Mr. Habib Mayar, Deputy General Secretary briefed H.E. President Horta on progress of g7+ work and the situation in member countries. Mr. Habib said “We are delighted to host H.E. President in our Headquarters. We benefited from the invaluable views of the President as we seek to strategize and position the g7+ collective voice in the current geopolitical era. The g7+ is grateful to the usual support from the Government and people of Timor-Leste. We are humbled that Honorable President Dr. Jose Ramos Horta has agreed to continue serving as the special Envoy of the g7+. He has played an indispensable role in advancing the cause of g7+. Given his wisdom, leadership, and experience in international affairs and in particular his role in peacebuilding, we are confident that our work of pursuing dialogue and reconciliation will get even more traction and will result in peace.

In a short video message, General Secretary, Dr. Helder da Costa, who is currently in the g7+ European Hub in Lisbon conveyed his welcome message and wish H.E. Dr. Jose Ramos Horta and the g7+ team a warm and productive deliberation.

H.E. President Dr. Jose Ramos-Horta commended the work and achievement of g7+. President Horta appreciated the leadership and the Secretariat of g7+ for promoting the cause of peace and stability. The President advised the g7+ to explore opportunities for collaboration with the European Parliamentary to increase awareness of the g7+ collective need. He supported the idea for the g7+ to engage with the G20. The G20 is a platform where the g7+ group must be visible to provide its collective perspective. Countries such as those in the g7+ have been badly affected by the crisis such as the war in Ukraine. Therefore, their voice must be heard on platforms like G20. H.E. President committed to committed to support the initiative of getting the g7+ represented at the G20. He supports the cause of promoting national dialogue and reconciliation in g7+ member countries that are currently going through difficult situation.
H.E. Dr. Jose Ramos Horta was appointed as the Special Envoy of g7+ at the g7+ 5th Ministerial Meeting in Lisbon, Portugal, which was attended by Ministers and Senior Officials of g7+.