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Somali government officially launches the SDG implementation

Somali government officially launches the SDG implementation

The government of republic of Somalia officially launched the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) implementation at the country level. In a meeting attended by more than 200 participants including government officials, parliament members, civil society and development partners, Deputy Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia, H. E. Mohamed Omar Arteh indicated the relevance of SDGs to institutional development and to the National Development Plan. The government further reiterated the importance of SDGs to be contextualized and prioritized at the country level.

Development partners expressed their support for the implementation of the SDGs while considering country's leadership to spearhead the process. .

g7+ members have committed to demonstrate their leadership in the implementation of SDGs at the country level. The group believes that prioritization and sequencing of the SDGs implantation should be undertaken at the country level. The development partners should help the government mobilize resources for the realization of SDGs.

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