Statement of Solidarity with the People of Afghanistan

Statement of Solidarity with the People of Afghanistan

The g7+, as an inter-governmental organization of conflict affected countries; stand in solidarity with the people of Afghanistan who are going through a critical transition. This is a pivotal yet delicate moment in the trajectory of the country. Therefore, we appeal to the leaders of the Taliban and other political factions to restrain from violence and put the safety of people as their utmost priority.

We urge them to use this moment and create a space for themselves to engage in dialogue and reconcile with one another, put the bitter past behind, pursue peace and unite in the national interest of lasting stability in Afghanistan; a country whose people have suffered enough wars and conflicts.

We hope that the will of Afghans is respected; women’s rights are protected; the gains made in institution building, health, education and infrastructure are preserved and service delivery is restored and further strengthened.

We call upon the United Nations, the international community and regional actors to constructively engage with Afghanistan on political, diplomatic, humanitarian and development issues and assist in maintaining peace and stability.

We stand ready to support any efforts for reconciliation and peace in whatever way we can.

We pray that Afghans seize this opportunity and work toward lasting peace in the country.

This is only possible if they put the interest of Afghanistan above all else.