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General Secretary
Helder da Costa, PhD

Helder da Costa, Ph.D., is the General Secretary of the g7+ Secretariat, serving 20 fragile and conflict-affected states. Dr. da Costa received his Ph.D. in Trade Policy from the University of Adelaide, South Australia in 2001.

Professional Experience

With 27 years of experience in development economics, agriculture, and aid effectiveness and management in Southeast Asia and Australia and New Zealand, Dr. da Costa has been entrusted to assume the responsibilities to coordinate the g7+ Secretariat to ensure its efficient day-to-day functioning. In addition, Dr. da Costa shall continue to provide advice to the g7+ Ministers of Finance on Aid Effectiveness and the New Deal Implementation at the country and at the global levels.
Habib Ur Rehman Mayar is Deputy General Secretary of the g7+ Secretariat. Mr. Mayar was Head of the Aid Coordination Unit in the Ministry of Finance, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, before joining the g7+ Secretariat.
Deputy General Secretary

Habib Mayar


Professional Experience

Habib Mayar has been working in the area of aid management since 2008. He was involved in discussions on the Paris Declaration, Accra Agenda for Action and the Busan Partnership, and participated in the negotiations on the New Deal for Engagement in Fragile States. Mr. Mayar holds a Masters of Management and Policy degree from Baluchistan University of IT and Management Sciences.

g7+ Secretariat Executive Assistant for g7+ General Secretary & Deputy
Lia Ribeiro Serpa

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Flora Lebre

Finance and Human Resources Officer

Felix Piedade

Chief Operating Officer

Agostinho Tavares

Finance Assistant

Ema Rita das Dores Carceres da Costa

Admin Assistant

Ana Caetano

Legal Advisor of g7+

Armand Borrey Kasumbu

Technical Specialist of g7+ Hub

Helche Silvester

Communication and Media Officer
flora lopes

Flora Lopes

Communication and Media Assistant